Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Weather.

The Lord told Noah, as long as the earth remain, there would be seed - time - and harvest. These are seasons. The second witness is King Solomon in Ecclesiastes 3:1, a season and a time for everything. I am not sure whom to credit for this proverb; a man that studies the weather, doesn't accomplish much. It is either too cold,hot, windy, or wet. They usually become beggars, or starve. Paul Krugman [a tare] was recently in the media encouraging the govt.[E.P.A.] to lie to people in order to push the global warming agenda. His angle is a wealth transfer, but there are others who have made the weather a god. Matt.16:23 Christ Jesus was quoting and poking at those who worship the god of weather. There has indeed been much more activity in the weather, which represent "labor pains". the time in between activity has decreased and the intensity has increased. These are signs that Followers of Christ should be able to discern. In 1 Sam. 12:16-19 we have the Prophet Samuel praying to the Lord concerning the weather; the bottom line - the weather is under Divine control.


  1. Listed first, in the First Ammendment, is freedom of Religon. I respect other's faith, but I am sensitive to Idol worship. If one can convince others that they can control the weather, then they will soon have people involved in making a little g through deception of the weather. This includes global warming-the temp moves slightly up and down;and history and real science prooves this statement going backwards long before combustion engines or coal was on the scene.

  2. A word to those that are crazy enough to worship the weather. The end of Rom.1 speakes of the "law of nature". For those that do Not believe in Christ Jesus, they will be judged by what ever they believe in-which means that they will always, always, come up short.