Thursday, July 5, 2012

The highest Degree.

Formal education is good, and has a place. Once upon a time, it was illegal to teach slaves to read; they were determined to read because they had one Book in mind to read. Often when question, Jesus responded "Have you not read"? Proverbs was written by one of the wisest men to ever walk the earth, King Solomon. This King ask the Lord for Wisdom, and His request was granted. Solomon writes of the importance of Wisdom, and Knowledge.      So, what is the highest Degree?  Understanding. This word is often interchanged with Discernment.


  1. Solomon said, get Wisdom. Knowledge is King. In all of Your getting, get an Understanding. Many in the world can not get to the first one. Reverencing/respecting the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. BS, MS,are no comparison to Understanding.The more that we listen, and apply, the more the Lord speaks.The famine in the land, is a lack of the Word; The Lord is continuing to speak.

  2. Prov.3:13 Oh, the blessedness[happy] of the man or woman,that findeth Wisdom, even the man that getteth Discernment[Understanding].3:14 For her merchandise is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold.

  3. Education is the key - to Communism. Back in the day, education was the resonsibility of the family/home, then community. I know of several building that are standing, that were once one room schools; all seven grades in one class room. They produced people that could function, and think for themselves. I smile at the fact that Solomon did not mention state run education in Proverbs-He was on to something.