Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Not this Poll"

I usually do not pay attentions to polls, however one released this past week immediately grabbed my attention. It stated "Single women for ....., 2-1". I do not know how accurate, or the numbers involved or to make a political jab.   Paul in 1Cor. 11:6 speaks of a Covering; it is Spiritual. We should all have Christ as our Covering. For some reason this is especially so for single women. Once upon a time the father Covered the daughter, until she was married. Many women have been deceived into declaring their independence, and have set themselves up to be picked off. Paul's warning-the Nephyl/Nephyliam[Gen.6] are coming back; keep your head Covered. Our flesh [men and women] is attracted to certain things.In 1Sam.8:7-20 the leaders ask for a king. The Lord gave them Saul. The only good testimony was that He was tall, and good looking. This will happen again with the Fake Christ; tall, good looking,knowing Scripture, wonderful, full of peace and prosperity. Prov.9:13 A foolish woman clamorous: She is simple, and knoweth nothing. Strong's [foolish]#3687 = silliness, stupid. [Clamorous]# 1993 = make a loud sound, creates commotion, tumult, to rage, war, be in an uproar.


  1. A righteous man covers His family. The Lord says Children obey your parents-which is connected to a long life promise. Wives submit to Your Husband, and Husbands love Your wife-this is one Wife per customer.The Head of every man, should be Christ.

  2. What then of a Woman, that is daddyless[Unsaved Dad] and/or single.The Covering is applied by submission to Christ Jesus Himself.I pray the Passover Blood of Christ over my family;No weapon formed, shall prosper against Us,I Establish myself on Righteousness and Fear,Terror,nor Oppression shall come near unto me,my family - four generations down.