Thursday, July 26, 2012

Say no, to Idol worship

Rev.13 mentions Two Beast; the first is a one world political system. The second will be THE fake- Christ, and the world [not the Kingdom of heaven] will follow/worship Him. To prevent this, one must have a personal relationship with the true Christ, and seek the Truth. Truth - freedom. Deception - bondage. Christ forewarned that many would come in His Name, but the many must have water boys toting their water for them. That is where crooked preachers come in. Know them by their fruit. They miss-teach, and miss-quote the Word of God, and are right now leading their followers into the lap of the fake- Christ. Examples; The Old Testament is out dated and out. We are no longer under the Law. Christ Jesus was a Jew. Many fly their Idol worship flag just behind their pulpits. Those "marked" right now consider themselves Christian, yet are infected with the "Spirit of delusion, stupor, stupid.          Liv.19:15 Elohim is Not a RESPECTER of person; second witness, Gal.2:6-7. Anyone teaching anything else possibly is a Non-Believer,  a miss-teacher or working for the enemy.

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  1. Matt.1 is one of many "Keys of David", another is found in 1Chron.1. Christ Jesus was Priest, and King Line. Physically born in Bethlehem, in the land of Juda[Judah]Matt.2:6. Am I anti-anything? Yes - Anti-Lie, and pro-Christ. When Christ said "all knees would bow",it means ALL. "No man gets to the Father, but by Me". Christ Jesus is the Anointed One Luke 4:18. Whosoeve will that follows Him, are the Anointed Ones.