Monday, July 30, 2012

The Enemy's M.O.

It is extremely important to know what took place in the Garden. The Enemy comes with a question or doubt, or the combination of the two. The test is to find out, if You know, who You are. Christ Jesus was tested by the Enemy on several occasion, while walking the earth in flesh. I like Matt.4:3-9; The Enemy begins each conversation with a question, and doubt. The first would involve Christ in a side-show of signs and wonders, and pulling Him away from His earthly purpose. The second one was very similar to the first, with an added twist. The third; "do homage", or worship.  The insult is-They are offered something as a reward, that they already possessed.  We are admonished to "resist" the Devil, and to take a "stand", both true. We must know also Who we are in Christ Jesus. Once the Enemy detects wavering,  double mindedness  or doubt, He will attempt to exploit it. There is not anything new under the sun, especially when it comes to the Enemy.

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  1. "All these things will I give Thee" Matt.4:8; the things are connected to the kingdoms of the world, which is connected to flesh and greed. That part will be burned. We must enter the Kingdom of Heaven-A King, and His Domain. We can clearly see those that are working/worshipping the Enemy;tempting? Nope.