Friday, July 20, 2012

"With Child"

"And woe unto them[male or female] that are with Child, and to them that give suck in those days" Matt.24:19. This is people that have committed adultery with the "beast", and are either pregnant, or nursing. The nursing[suck] is giving life or carrying the "beast's agenda along.   The first "beast in Rev.13 is a one world political system. We can Not serve/worship Two Masters. Those above appear to be all Holy and Righteous, but will be rejected - there adultery comes with the steepest price; Christ saying "Depart from Me, I know you Not". Where are the signs and symptoms? Watch out for the Miss-Teachers, and Miss-Leaders, for they already bear the "Mark" of deception. Those who practice the doctrine of Cain; control or destroy. The Four Horns from Daniel are: political,economic,education,and religion; The "beast" that rises up first in Rev.13 is political, which means that the other three have submitted, or under this one's control-its getting warm, my Friends.


  1. Matt.23:15 mentions "the child of hell",which I find interesting.This same group is the one that is pushing the one world system by controlling the worlds money and debt.We are commanded to Not having any dealings with the Tree of Knowledge; when We do, it always create a serious problem.

  2. James 4:1-4 sumes it up quite nicely;"Friendship with the world is adultery", and creates "hostility with Our Creator". War comes from GREED. The Ten Commandments state Thou shalt Not Covet for a good reason.Covet - out of control desire; insatiable appetite, I have more than enough, but need yours too.I'm sitting on oil,but need yours.I'm taking my country to the cleaners with debt based currency, but need to control the worlds debt currency = WAR.