Monday, August 27, 2012


Yesterday, my wife and I saw the movie 2016. She gave it a B, I gave it an A-. Saul Alinsky was never mention by name,  Alinsky ideology, or Alinsky concepts. The objective is "power", while striving for "Communist Paradise".    Is their vision for the future new? Nope. It has been going on from the beginning of this age. I have often said that if one desires to know where Obama is headed, go to W.E.B.Dubois, and F.D.R.   Alinsky acknowledges Lucifer in His book, Rules for Radicals. Obama is a follower and taught the doctrines Himself. But there have been many water boys for Satan, along the way. Many churches fly an idol flag that is the "seal of Solomon", from when He was involved with the occult. Many leaders have taken off their crowns, and given it to another. We often sing along with songs and not pay attention to the words[I'm guilty]; such as Stevie Wonders "Pastime Paradise"[1976], with the background vocals by Hare Krishna, West Angles church choir. Or Imagine, by John Lennon[1971].                     In Revelation 13 Lennon has the one world political system.                                                                  But He and Alinsky followers will be disappointed that the Second One will be Religious.                2016 explains much to this point, but not so much of the aspirations for the future.

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