Friday, August 31, 2012

6 hundred three score and 6.

  The title is referencing Rev.13:8 which is 666.   The #6 is the number for man, it is the testing of man, and represents deception. Where in the world do we find all three of these numbers? On the "Seal of Solomon" which has 6 sides, 6 angles, and 6 points. It was an occult symbol that dates back beyond Solomon and mentioned in the Old, and New Testaments. 1King 11:9 states that 'The Lord was angry with Solomon and explains why in 1Kings 11:1-11. It mentions Ashtoreth, Milcom, and Molech, which were all idols. The symbol is known in Masonry, Magic, and witchcraft. Several Religions use this symbol.   Throughout the Word, we are warned to steer clear of idols and deception.  Rev.13 there are Two Beast, with the first being a one world political system. The second will be the Fake-Christ, who will deceive many; especially with the 'signs and lying wonders'. Just in case anyone is interested, go backwards to Ex.7, Pharaoh, with his wise men and sorcerers. Then compare them to what Mosses did. Same in the Book of Daniel-they all caught a death sentence because they have no dept. Again compare them to Daniel. Relevance? These are the silly signs and wonders that the Fake-Christ will perform.  Many deceived Churches are leading their flocks into idol worship right now. And to settle a ridiculous augment of the 'Mark' being on, upon, or in the forehead; the brain is deceived. Our right hand represent agreement,  signing deals, or strength. It is Our Worship. Christ said, 'woe unto them that are with child, or do give suck'. Idol worship objectives is what caused  Lucifer to be ejected from heaven. It was what Satan was after in the Garden. It was one of the Temptations of Christ. Our Walk is Our worship. We can clearly see those that profess to be Christians that are 'Marked', just look at their walk.                        *  Amos 5:26,   Rev.14:11,     Jer.10:1-3,  Deut.12:2-4,  2Corint.6:14-18,  Exodus.20:3,4,  Liv.19:26-28,  Acts 7:43, 

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  1. The decendants of Cain [Kenites] know exactly what the symbols are. The refuse a relationship with Christ Jesus because they are awaiting their king; which will appear on the 6 Trump. People should familiarize themselves with the Word, especially Rev.2:9, and 3:9. If you dont know, now is a good time to seek the Truth.Teachings/Teachers should point to Christ, and not themselves.