Sunday, August 19, 2012

Judas 2012

This earth age, is all about choosing and worshipping our True Creator, Vs. idol worship; that is it in a nutshell. When we are active in a right standing relationship, we are in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. When we engage in idol worship, there are far too many problems to mention here. We already know that Adam and Eve got into trouble for idol worship-and it cost them dearly. We know about Isiah 3, 1 Sam.8:7-19, and Joel 2. Lets fast forward to Judas Iscariot;  He was a part of Christ Jesus circle. He made a deal with the enemy, was paid in silver to identify Christ. He quickly came to himself, repented, and was murdered to keep him silent. The point? The Lord hand picked each of the Twelve, for a specific purpose; Judas was on assignment. The same for President Obama ..... He is on assignment. Now go back and re-read the above Scripture and grab onto the fact of Who sent the Judgement. Before President Obama was elected, there was talk that He would be elected; and at the end of His term in office, a serious attempt would be made on His life, and the assault would come from someone that looks like He does.       Wherever You are in the world, I'm soliciting prayers that this does Not come to pass. I have said, and will continue to say that Obama is on assignment-do Not speak evil or touch Him. By now we should all know Who sent Him. Also join me in prayer for  Order, and the Will of the Lord being done. We may not know everything, but the Lord does, Amen.

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  1. Judgement, can be good or bad. We have a payday eventually. We reap what we've sown. Give and it shall be given unto you, pressde down, shaken togather, shall MAN give unto your boosom.Many in torment are receiving the fruit of their labor.These are serious times, for seious people.