Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I was recently reflecting on my beloved grandfather,who was a life long farmer of S.W.Ga. He had a barn that sometimes house livestock, but a corn crib and loft kept the corn and hay for the winter. It also kept the best seed to be re-planted for the next season. He kept out of sight, rubber boots, and toilet tissue; he was prepared.   Over the past few years most have concluded that mess in the world is happening more frequently, and becoming more intense [labor pains] and are preparing for the speed bumps of life. We must position ourselves to assist our neighbors-because it is the righteous thing to do.   The Lord says As long as the earth remains, there would be seed, time, and harvest. Christ Jesus in Matt.7:25,  talks of those that were prepared and miss-prepared. The parable of the Ten Bridesmaids were Watchmen; 5 vigilant, and 5 that lost focus. It saddens me that those that are preparing for Life, are labeled as evil and some countries as terrorist. The Word teaches us [Matt.5:45] that the rain falls on the Just, and UN-just, but it is coming; the difference = Preparedness.


  1. As We the People prepare for life,there are federal agencies preparing for death. They've label some as preppies/terrorist. Phones are being tracked,emails monitored, and facebook and tweets are being followed. Gun and gold sales are also being tracked. Where are the Civil Rights groups? Christ Jesus said be as wise as The serpent, and as meek as The dove.We will win-We always win.

  2. The agencies in question are stocking up on emergency rations,riot control,and loads of ammo. They know what reasonable People already know. There is a saying of kicking the can down the road;I will be the first to say - the can has gone over the cliff.