Tuesday, September 4, 2012

16, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo Trillion $

 Many strange but predicable things happen in 1913. President Wilson, Federal Reserves, I.R.S. Then in 1944 at the Britton Woods agreement, it was decided that America would become the Debt Nation-for the world.  There has indeed been a war going on involving the 'middle class'. They have always been important to advance from a Republic, to Socialism, to a Dictatorship, to full blown Communism. Every shift,has come with 'lets do more for the middle'. Over the past 40 yrs the 'middle' has been sliding backwards economically.  The Socialist/Dictator agenda requires that the "have nots", and the "have a little" be merged into ONE class. The wealth of the" have a little" is being transferred to the "have nots". This is done through taxes, and the hidden tax aka INFLATION.       Usury is evil. Unbalanced scales being employed by the Federal Reserves is evil. Forty years ago[mentioned above] something also happen with the gold standard? Romans 13:8 says "owe no man, except your love"; with that Scripture, I invoke and pronounce for me and my descendant debt free. One has to be crazy to run up a bill that I disagree with and through deception attempt to make me claim it - I refuse. 1Sam.8:7-19 Communism is a result of rejecting Our Lord Jehovah, which is too expensive for me.

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  1. War on the middle class? Yes. Waged by the Unfederal Reserves and the IRS. Every unbacked dollar that is printed - every unbacked dollar that is printed causes inflation, which hurts the middle class. The Progressive are marching "forward" with their Global Agenda.