Wednesday, September 19, 2012

* Warning - Danger Ahead *.

  Nebuchadnezzar was the "head"or beginning of the gentile dominion in the earth. He represented the head of gold in Daniel 2. There were five kingdoms with the fifth being a mixture of clay and iron. Christ Jesus will strike the foot which is fragile, and cause all five to mix and mingle into the six kingdom, Dan.2:35. The six kingdom is the kingdom of the beast which is a one world political system, prepared for the Dragon which is Satan incarnate.  The Saints are Covered.  Whose in jeopardy then? If you practice Easter bunny, or Santa Clause Christianity. If you believe that before the trouble start, you will get a ride out into the sky. If you do not know the difference between a Hexagram and the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, you are in trouble right now. "In this life you will have trails and tribulation"= trail is a test, tribulation is trouble; it means that we will be tested with trouble.                                            We ARE the Fig Tree Generation.


  1. Abraham fathered Two sons that did not get along, because one was a bully. The friction continues today. Yrs. ago Iran referred to America as the "great satan". That name is now being used in several countries in the Middle East, and North Africa. Perhaps it is time to look at America from the outside looking in. For the past 100 yrs. America, has been America in name only.The Empire has been spread throughout the world, and some wicked activities have taken place in "our names".

  2. "Great Satan"? Installing dictators. Starting wars. Fiat currency. Financing abortions. Spreading Socialism. As with the Titanic, the music continues as we sink. Yes trouble is directly ahead, and the Rock that we are standing on will be tested.