Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Do this in rememberance of Me".

  Do what? Many churches have some form of table set up near the pulpit, with the quote from our Lord and saviour, Christ Jesus on it. Just as many, never seem to get around to exactly what we are memorializing. Should we have more Idols in the church? What about more eggs, bunnies, and chickens? How about more crackers and grape juice? Oftentimes people never question, they just follow.
  The leaders are afraid to stray off the well worn path, because, one answer would lead to many questions, and eventually the Truth. The miss-leaders have been miss-teaching for many years. You can Not have a New Covenant, without understanding the Original, which has been taught by Progressives in the church. The Cross = no more blood sacrifices; ever, again.
  The Lord [YHVH] had a covenant with the man Adam, Noah[Gen.6:16, Gen.9:9], Abram, Isaac, Jacob/Israel, Moses and the "House of Israel"[Exodus 12]. This was the first Passover. "And this day shall be unto you for a memorial"[Gen.12:14]. The lamb's blood, and Unleavened Bread[Gen.12:17] must be understood before we can understand what Christ did on the Cross. The "death sentence" from the Garden was satisfied on the Cross - along with Blood Ordinances.
  The next time a Progressive makes the statement, that we are no longer under the law, they should be required to answer, what law? The Lord states in several places in the Word, Do, and Don't Do[Ex.19:5,6] and the Commandments. In order to maintain the Covenant for generations, it must be Remembered[memorial] and taught. His body bruised, beaten, and sacrificed - symbolized by the bread, broken for many. The cup - it was what was in the cup that was important; it symbolized the Blood of Christ, which satisfied the death penalty. The New Covenant = Submit to Christ and come in out of the World, and enter into the Kingdom on earth.

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