Friday, October 19, 2012

"Lazarus, come forth''.

  Before I get carried away, each of us should replace Lazarus in the title, with our own names. While conducting a Bible study on Lazarus, I quickly realized that this gentleman was not simply a friend, or beloved of Christ. Christ and His Disciples, and many in the town where Lazarus die, were shaken by His death. Christ Jesus did in fact perform a miracle in raising Him from the dead, especially after "four" [completion] days. It was another "sign" for those that knew the Word, that Christ was the Anointed One. But many Jews [Not of the House of Israel] were also present and believed - which was good.
  Lazarus in Hebrew Ya 'ash from the primary root, to desist, to despond, case to despair, one that is desperate,be no hope. Greek name:Elazar. English - God has helped. Immanuel had raised many from the dead, so why is this a big deal. I can Not document this statement, but I believe that Lazarus was a Son of Aaron, who started the Priesthood. I believe that Christ Himself was raising the Priesthood, which possibly had been taken over by Non Levites [Ex.29:9]
  Jesus had already exposed the Kenites that had polluted the Priesthood, as murderers of several Priest. In John 12:1 Six days before the Passover/Crucifixion, Lazarus attends a supper with Christ.Many came to witness this event, but it provoked the killing of Jesus; and a scheme to kill Lazarus[Priesthood] as well[Jn.12:10].
  King of kings, and Lord of lords is Christ Jesus. His earthly mom was a Daughter of Aaron. His earthly dad was of the Tribe of Judah. Christ is Head of the Priest, and Head of Judah which were the king side. He has the authority to legally make kings and priest of "whosoeverwill". Rev.1:5,6.

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  1. The priesthood is alive, and well. Those same critters that apposed the real priest, and murdered some,are around and up to the same tricks.It is the doctrine of Cain - control it, or kill it. If one speaks out against Satan's religion today, His little Children will immediately respond. We must practice Wisdom, during this Fig Tree Generation.