Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Un-touchables

  Many reading this remember the movie on t.v. and yrs. later in the movies called the Un-touchables. This group of lawmen were above bribes and corruption during the height of the gangster yrs. in America.
   Right now, across the land is trouble. It will increase in intensity, as time grows near. In order for the Fake-Christ to have a platform of "peace and prosperity", there must be wars, rumors of wars, and economic crisis around the world. God's folk are in position, and will go through. Christ in Mark 4:35 showed us how to do it. The moment that He spoke "Let us pass unto the other side",it was a done deal. Even in an open boat, and hit by a serious storm [squall], Christ went soundly to sleep. Many on the boat were professional fishermen, and were in great fear.
  The circumstance pushed those on the boat to ask "what manner of man is this"[Mark 4:41]? A similar question will be ask in the near future concerning the "locust army", and the "scorpions. The locust of Joel 2, and the scorpions of Rev.9:3, and Rev.9:10. The Saints/Election - those that have the Truth inside their brains, will Not be touched. Many unbelievers will confess Christ, especially as they see prophecy come to life. Friendly reminder; Build on the Solid Rock, and put on all of the Armour, everyday.  

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