Friday, November 30, 2012


  In the military, this stands for absent, without, leave. Depending on when this offence occurs, it can result in a severe penalty. The word A.W.O.L. came to mind when thinking of Evangelicals[not sure what the word means] and the lack of stances that they have chosen to make. A recent article ask the question concerning their effectiveness, and why are they losing ground. In my opinion, they are in trouble, and everyone knows it, but them.
  I believe that a part of the problem is Progressives, and New Age, within the church. They worship idols, which is forbidden, and they use Bibles that were produced by Non-Believers. The bottom line is they violate the Rules. They have no power. Their prayers are not being answered because they ask amiss. Just behind their pulpits, many have the flag with the "Star of Saturn" on it. Many spread the made up word Judeo-Christian; these Two are diametrically opposed. God is not a respecter of person, but that is not what they preach. They also teach a word that rhymes with c a p t u r e, that is not in the Word of God[YHVH].
  The Book of Daniel [Christ referenced], the Gospels, and Revelation, all mentions war with the Saints. There will be a harvest out of season by the Beast. We are Commanded to stand; otherwise - A.W.O.L..

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