Monday, November 26, 2012

"Hast thou considered My servant ...".

  This was a question ask by the Lord [YHVH], to Satan in Job 1:8. The short version is the Lord called a meeting, and Satan showed up. The Lord gave the Highest compliment to Job. With permission, Satan sat out to test Job. The test: Satan was to make Job curse the Lord.
  Job passed his test. But what about us? The second earth age is winding down. The purpose of this age is to test people. Who will we love, and serve. It is interesting that Satan had a lot of kayos going on in Job's life-and just when he thought the temp was just right, had the wife tell Job to curse God, and die. Then Job's super spiritual friends came to pour condemnation on his weaken soul.
  As 2012 comes to a close, we can look back and say that it has been some serious speed bumps this year,and over the past 40 years. The leaders began walking crooked 100 years ago and we feel the consequences today. It is prophecy, and we are being tested. Let us not fall into temptation and curse the Lord to His face, through our words or deeds. "Blessed be the Name of the Lord"[Job1:21,22].

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