Thursday, November 15, 2012


  I awaken several years ago, and felt that everything around me was children's church. The religious leaders[tele-preachers included] teach fables, and myths, which re-directs away from Christ. They spend too much time talking about A man, Vs., The Man. There is no difference in what the world is talking about, or the ministers worshiping bunny rabbits and santa. They never moved past the Milk - meaning that they are treating the flock as babes.
  The "meat" of the Word states Thou shalt not murder[Exodus 20], Keep thee far from a false matter: and the innocent and the righteous slay thou not: for I [YHVH] will not justify the wicked [Exodus 23:7]. Christ Jesus said, "We have not, because we ask amiss".
  The Word admonishes us to build on the Rock. Ephes.6, we are to gear up daily, and to stand. We should know who the "bad figs" are, and that we are in the "fig tree generation". We are in the midst of prophecy. Cain was "marked" by God, and so are His children [Kenites].
  How can one stay on the milk, in place of the meat? By taking the media [including the Blaze] to heart, without checking for Truth. The educational system belongs to the state; We must be responsible for educating our own Children. By reading Children Bibles [printed by Non-Believers], and other new-age church material, we will continue to desire milk.
  Christ response in Matt.4:3,4, "It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God";quoted from Deut.8:3. Satan and the world are connected to twisting the Word, testing people, and looking for entertainment. Satan also has been given authority, to bless His own. We are the Watchmen/Women on the wall, let us put away immaturity, and put on maturity.


  1. I make mention of the Blaze because they advertise "whree truth lives". I love G.B. but he has some dishonest,Idol worship leaders around him. If he stays the course,he will replace the old stream media-with the same mess,deception,and entertainment.

  2. The Blaze 11/15/12 "Biblical name of Israel's military strike"-look at the comments with no foundation of Truth. The comments are cultish. However it is promoted by the program.