Monday, November 5, 2012

November 7th.!

  November 6,2012 will come, and go, but the Saints must stay focused. We are the Watchman on the wall and must not sleep on guard. Much of the turmoil in the world today is self inflicted and intentional, by a few greedy folks.
  Let us remember that the Lord [YHVH] is in charge. It is the Lord that is in control of the Locus Army[Joel 2], and the Lord who strikes the fragile foot of clay and iron [Dan.2]. He was in charge of the Death Angel in Exodus and recognize the "Blood". Many on the earth right now, have the "Seal of Truth" inside their forehead, and are prepared for whatever comes their way.
  The Word was clear concerning Idol worship, 6,000 years ago, and November 5th, 2012; that Rule will still be in affect on November 7th. 2012 as Jeremiah 17:5 states cursed is the man or woman, that puts their trust [faith] in man. I can not document this, but I believe that America is the Nation that causes the "wound" to the One World Political System, that causes Satan incarnate to return to the earth.
  Jesus Commanded us Not to respond when people,[media,preachers,priest] say that the Christ has returned. When Christ Jesus returns - the entire world will know it at the same time. Church folks have a choice; listen to the Commandments of God, or listen to the "traditions of men". November .... keep watch.

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