Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Thy God".

  I do not go around openly talking about Christ, or politics with people, unless asked. My cousin last yr., and a stranger yesterday were both told that I was not a supporter of the Democratic party, responded that I was brain-washed, and needed help. Ironically, both people involved, were advised by a third person of my beliefs.
  The 1st. and Great Commandment [Matt.22:38] "Thou shalt love the Lord, THY GOD, with all thy heart[mind], with all thy soul, and with all thy might[strength]". The 2nd." Love your neighbor as yourself ",which is also found in Leviticus 19:18. These are quotes because it was the Lord [YHVH] who spoke them.
  In Matt.22:35, Mark 21:28, and Luke 10:25-28 we have a teacher of the law[Scribe,aka scripture lawyer] speaking and attempting to ensnare the very One that gave the Law to Moses. Progressive Ministers have have moved past the Law, [except giving] and missed the Ten Commandments. But these Two Great Commandments are not in the Ten; where are they? Written in the "Book of the Law" and verbally taught, and passed down through the generations.
  If one listen and watch for 5 minutes, we can easily discern "Thy God". When God ask the rhetorical question to Adam, "Where are you", it was for Adam to realize that He was whoring around. Our mouth is speaking our mind. Mind is covered in the Great Commandment; what comes in, eventually will come out, and defile. If we talk about a man more than we talk about Thee Man, we are in violation. But my pastor,politician,media,central banker, said that I did not have know, or practice that. You must decide to be either a sheep, or a goat, now; later it will be decided for you.
  If we are to follow Christ, and have a relationship with Him, We must "Hear, and Do His Saying"; anything in between is IDOL Worship period. As for me being brain- washed, I confess, that I am Rom.12:2. 

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  1. Listen, and watch, for 5 minutes, will reveal "Thy God".