Friday, November 2, 2012

Who gets a pass?

  Recently in the news, was a silly statement, from a silly man, name Joesph Lowery. He has condemned all "White People" to hell. If he has that kind of power then he can also Save people as well. This is dangerous stuff, but puts a face with the Progressive movement. Their trail goes back to the Garden - the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
  The Word says "Judge not"[Matt.7:1] because it means that the person in question, has No redeemable qualities. Salvation/Condemnation are Christ Jesus business-and His alone. This is concerning the Cross, and the "Cup" of Judgement from the Garden, just before His arrest.
  1John 2:3 Is the test of knowing Christ = Do we keep His Commandments? 2Peter 2:1 Speaks of false prophets/teachers, and how they DENY even the Lord that redeemed them. That is what Progressives do - they move past, or around Christ.
  So, who gets a pass, and who is exempt?? No one, No how. We must a l l, go through Christ [John14:6].

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  1. Man can pick and choose thier IDOLS, but with Our Creator, who knows our mind,will, and efforts,He is looking at the Blood of Christ,and the Book of the Law.The Gospel of John,1st chapt. states-when Christ came, He brought Truth, and Grace, with Him. His Grace can be simply assistance,while learning the Truth,or until I realize that I need the Truth.Grace/Truth belongs to One, and One alone.Watch out for Idols, and those that lead others into Idol worship.