Monday, December 31, 2012


  There is not a symbol for the #13. The #10 = completion. The # 3 = completion. Last New years eve I wrote about 2012; the # 12 = God's purpose. I am convinced by the most recent election in America, that purpose, is going fourth, around the world.
  When man rejects the Lord, they move from freedom, into Dictatorships. The deception is that they use other titles, to pacify the people. They also allow the people to believe that, they actually have a say in that system. Rev. 13 is going to happen-just as the Word says so. Two Beast; the .
  The roll of America over the past 100 yrs. will show anyone interested, ifirst is a One World Political System. The second is Satan incarnate, pretending to be Christn its future direction. The "Money Changers" have control over America's monetary policies, politics, and religion. It is difficult for me to believe, but it is true - The Antichrist System is upon us.
  The Saints should remind themselves that Christ Jesus is in Charge. He chose Judas Iscariot for a specific assignment. Luke 22:3 then entered Satan into Judas. John 13:27 "That thou doest, do quickly".
  The Lords purpose is on the move; one has to have their Spiritual flashlight on, to see the move. Ephes.6 we are to "gear up" daily. We are to "Stand". Jesus spoke of the two houses; one built on sand, the other one was built upon the Rock. The one on sand could not withstand the storm-and crashed. And so will the Babylonian System set up by Satan and His Children[Kenites]. 2013 should be a very interesting year.

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  1. Adam and Eve covered themselves with fig leaves. Jeremiah 24, two Baskets of figs. Christ Jesus cursed the bare fig tree. Christ gave a commandment for us to learn the Parable of the Fig Tree. We are the "generation of the fig tree".