Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Covering sin, with - sin.

  It was recently brought to my attention that Yalonda Adams, large gospel singer, and nationally syndicated radio personality, stated that we will be surprised at all of the different religions that are in heaven. I have heard her and many on her level involved in Idol Worship, and miss-leading many  people. It is the church folks that are covering sin.
  John the Baptist, Christ Jesus, and His followers, taught Repentance, which opens the door for a "New Mind". The Kingdom of Heaven is in our mind [Rom.12:2]. We should never allow ourselves to become comfortable with sin, and I believe that this is what Apostle Paul was addressing in 1 Cor.5:1-13. I also believe that He was using the word immorality correctly.
  In Gen.6:18 is our foundation concerning The covenant with the Lord. Remembrance, and Obedience is required to keep the Covenant. In Gen.9:18 we see that Ham uncovered the nakedness [Liv.20:11 explains] of his father Noah; and the severe penalty for violating this no no. A very similar situation occur ed in the Garden involving Adam, Eve, and the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. The punishment is death = which is separation.
  Paul is telling us to judge immorality in the church, and handle it the same way that the Lord has shown us. He mentions in 1Cor.5:2 the word "naughty";i attempted a search on the word, and porn cites popped up. The word is used in Jer.24:2 concerning the two baskets of figs[Paul is very smooth], one basket was naughty. It is also used in Prov.6:12, and describes a wicked person and their actions. The definition: without profit,worthlessness,destruction,wickedness,ungodly, are connected to the word naughty. 1Cor.5:6 mentions the word "glorying [boasting]; this word is connected to - to render esteem,honour,magnify,dignify,praise,worship. It is found in Luke 2:20, Luke 5:25, and Luke 18:43.
  What Apostle Paul is talking about back then, is exactly what is going on in many churches today; Idol Worship, and friendship with the world. They have allowed the doctrine of the Tree of Knowledge which covers sin - with more sin, Vs. Repentance. Uncovering our Fathers' nakedness comes with a severe penalty as well = death/seperation. Once the trust has been broken, churches become powerless.

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  1. Judgement is always to begin in the House. If we judge and correct, then our Lord will not have to do it. Friendship and intimacy with Non-Believers is a no no. We certainly do not allow Non-Believers to run the show, or follow them.