Sunday, December 2, 2012

How old is the earth?

  The earth is very old. Recently a U.S.Rep. from Ga., and a U.S.Sen. from Fl. were caught attempting to explain, what they are totally unfamiliar with. The question from the media is often used to make a specific group look ignorant-and it works. To compound the entertainment, people revert to the Bible, and appear as if they are members in some type of cult; because they were never taught the truth.
  I received a B.S degree via the G.I bill and never pronounce myself as an expert. I learned the Scientific Method and always attempt to apply it. I smile when the uninformed state their "theories", yet can not spell hypothesis. There are signs of the earth's age all around us; including the Grand Canyon - which is way too large to be cut by a river. There are fossils from the ocean inside the canyon. In S.W. Ga. there is the "Little Grand Canyon [Providence Canyon]. In and around the canyon are white striations called "marine sand". This was left from the ocean, which covered Georgia from Columbus to Augusta, and everything south of those two cities. There have been shark teeth uncovered in the kaolin mines near Sandersville, Ga.
  The earth is millions of years old. We can not ignore fossil evidence, including dinosaurs. Genesis 1:1 should be read and believed and separated by million years from Genesis 1:2. Jeremiah 4:22-29 explains what happen to the 1st. earth age. Genesis 1:2 is the Beginning of the 2nd. earth age. The Apostle Peter also makes mention of the 3 ages. We are nearing the end of the 2nd. earth age.
  There are many lies that have replaced true History. The Truth can be a bitter pill to swallow. We must look at where the lies come from, and who stands to gain from the d e c e p t i o n. The lie is that The Man Adam was the first man, and we all descended from him. This requires us to over-look Genesis 1:26 = the creation of the races. The Man Adam is not a 6 day creation, or a creation at all. He was "formed" on the 8th. day. God creates,from nothing; He forms, from something. Anyone who challenges the Truth is labeled a racist or crazy.
  The Word is the greatest History Book, and science supports it; the earth is very old.

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  1. The mis-teachers look quite sill attempting to teach that the world is 7,000 yrs. old. From The man Adam, until now is approximately that age.Many yrs. went by between the 6th. day, and the 8th day;thousand of yrs., perhaps several thousands yrs.. Mandkind did not descend from The man Adam, but the Eber/Hebrews did.