Tuesday, December 18, 2012


  The word hypocrite, Hypocrites, and Hypocrisy, are one in the same. The first one, Hypocrite is used by Christ Jesus in Matt. 7:15 is # 5273 in the Strong's Concordance = an actor, under an assumed character, stage player. Hypocrisy is from Matt. 23:28 # 5272 = acting under a feigned part, deceit. I realized that I'm backing my way into this, but felt the need for this definition, lest someone believes that I made it up, or misused the word.
  This past week, an awful shooting took place in Newtown, Ct., and my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and the First Responders that are involved. The word Hypocrite flashes in my mind as I watch and listen to the immediate response to the shooting, for a call for gun bans. Just today I read of the "stars in unison call for a ban".
  I believe that those yelling the quickest, and loudest are Hypocrites. Hollywood is full of gun violence, but many of them also have a global agenda. Their security is armed. The same for the political elites; they have security details armed with sniper rifles, and fully automatic sub-guns.
  What if the Hypocrite's concerns carried over to the 50 million babies that have been aborted in America since 1973. Once upon a time, they left out the father, now they have left out both parents and abortions are being carried out from school on under age children. What about the drones being used to take out innocent families - including children? Those quick to grab guns already have blood on their hands.
  The global agenda requires control over the serfs; gun violence is seen by the wicked as a necessary means to that end - all else is "play acting".

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