Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ignore, or Pretend !

  To ignore something doesn't make it disappear, or become non-existent. The song by Bill Withers from the 70s titled "can we pretend" comes to mind. We as followers of Christ, must look at sin and consequences the exact way that our Lord looks at it. Judgment is real. The violence is brought on the land [Ezekiel chapter.8, chapt9] by the iniquity of leaders. The consuming Locust in Joel 2 are real. The Scorpions in Rev. are real.
  We know what our Creator requires in a relationship with Him; and we know chasing and bowing to others is Idol worship - which separates us from our Lord. The Lord is serious about His Rules. We can easily see the mind of the Lord inside His Word. We are un-wise to ignore His Rules; to do so doesn't cancel out the Rules.
  The Blessings of obedience [Duet.28] are real - so are the consequences of disobedience. Idol worship is sin, and it separates, stinks, and can be deadly. Ephesians 6:1 states Children obey your parents in the Lord. This Commandment is attached to the promise of long life. The key words are, In the Lord. This Scripture's foundation is Exodus 20:1, and Exodus 20:12. A parent that gets involved in Idol worship "hates the Lord". The hatred allows the iniquity [leader] to be visited [flow] three and four generations down. If the father hates the Lord, then often the child will be raised the same way, which passes the iniquity down.
  Children must be taught to obey their parent and the Lord. They must also "Honour their father and mother that their days may be long upon the land". "In the Lord" is key, because we should acknowledge that we do not own our children, we simply are stewards. We must also confess that we can not protect them by ourselves. This day, let us stop pretending, or ignoring, and get in a Right standing relationship with our heavenly Father - and ask for help covering the little ones that are in our care.

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