Thursday, December 13, 2012

Knowledgeable, or, Ignorant ?

  Four years ago, I cut way down on watching t.v., because it truly was becoming an idiot box. I realized that the main-stream media was a part of the problem in America, and many parts of the world. Over the past four years, I made a conscious effort to sit up straight, with sharpen pencils and pay attention to the main-stream economist. I have concluded that for the most part, they are one with the media.
  What church, or main-stream media economist would dare say that we are in a depression? The numbers say depression loud and clear. The answer is none. Silence or lying is a part of deception that is employed by the "thief" who has been at work for thousands of years on the global agenda - a one world system. Ultimately this will be represented by the two beast of Rev.13; a one world political system, the 2nd. a one world religious system which is headed by none other than Satan incarnate.
  The Word of God [Jehovah/Christ Jesus] shows us that their are Two involved with the affairs of mankind; The First, our Creator, is testing our love for Him, and He guides us through this life and we are to help others. The Second is wicked to the core, and eventually will be completely destroyed; His initial sin was concerning Idol worship-and He has not changed. The Second one is behind the global agenda that is being carried out by His children.
  But what about the church? The church has become the water-boy for the global agenda. They are a very important piece to the global puzzle. The 4 hidden kings/kingdoms = political, economic, education, and religion; the table is now set for things to continue to get worse, and the globalist expand their agenda, and prep for their god - the fake Christ.
  Those that are ignorant are right now supporting an Anti-Christ system. They are financing the global agenda, and their wealth is disappearing before their eyes. The "have a little, and the have nots" will become one. Those that are Knowledgeable will not support this wickedness, and actually stand to gain. The wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous. There will be a collapses, and transfers of wealth; which side of the fence will you be Standing on?

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  1. The largest depression in America - is going on right now. The numbers proove it, but the serpent's children that have a monopoly on the money decide which proof and standard to go by; and the mainstream economist are in on the con game. People are being led to losing more money, than any time in history. Not everybody will lose their shirts;the Knowledgeable ones will receive.