Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Spirit, of Murder.

  Murder is connected to the Spirit of Murder. Satan/Serpent/Lucifer/Dragon/Devil started as an angel that was created perfect. The moment that he sinned he was fired. He was to protect the Mercy Seat, but desired the Seat for himself-this would have caused the murder of Christ, Who earned the position. The Serpent in the Garden shows his deceptive side; he fathered Cain, who took on his violent, murderous ways. The Lord shows Cain how to present his offering, but rejected the offering, because Cain refuse to comply.Cain also had issues with crooked worship, just like his father. Cain set his half brother up, then murdered him in a field-then lied about it.
  In Gen.4:16 God runs Cain off to separate him from the Tabernacle that was placed their by God for His worship. Cain was sent to Nod = the land of Nomads. Seven generations down we see the murderous genes again in Gen.4:23,24. The Spirit is controlling and destructive.
  The Word commands us to Not murder the innocent, or the righteous. One of the Ten Commandments is Thou shalt not murder; and repeated by Christ in Matt.19:18. Murder = unauthorized killing, or with hatred in the heart, or to lie in wait; criminal homicide.  Another type of violence is when the Lord drops the hedge of protection from us individually, or collectively; as with Job, or Ez.8:6. The first was a test, that Job passed. The second was from the iniquity of the Priest, and Elders involved in three types of idolatry. Ez.8:18 The Lords furry. Ez.9:11 violence released on the land, by super-natural beings.
  In John 1 it says when Jesus came, He brought Grace and Truth with Him. Grace is a higher standard; an evil thought is Not a sin - to entertain that evil thought is. If the eye or a limb messes up we are to separate ourselves from the offense [sin] Just as God did in heaven with Lucifer, Adam and Eve, and with Cain. We should not deal with the Spirit individually [rebuke it, in the Name of Jesus] or allow it to roam freely amongst us. We must acknowledge the Spirit that is loosed as a result of un-necessary abortions; 50 millions since 1973 in America is a lot to be held accountable for. It sounds cold, but there can be No remission of sin, without the shedding of blood.

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  1. What is the answer? Christ Jesus,is, The Answer.Through His Spirit, we must rebuke the spirit of murder,get away from idol worship,Repent,and not allow a resting/comfy place for the evil spirit. The Passover in Exodus is still in place;let us cover ourselves,families,and communities with the Passover Blood of Christ Jesus.Amen.