Thursday, December 27, 2012

Trying to Love Two !

  Trying to love two is not easy to do, was a chorus line of a song, from 30 - 40 yrs ago. It came to mind after reading an article in The Blaze about M.S.N.B.C. host refusing to lie to his children about Santa Clause. I personally believe in the U.S.Constitution; the First of the First deals with freedom of Religion. I also respect a parent, being a parent. My issue is with some of the foul comments made against the host and people who choose Not to lie to their children, about anything.
  An Idol, is an Idol, no matter how,it is dressed. Church folks are powerless because of Idol worship,  which caused a separation from their Creator."Do this in remembrance of Me" is not about the wine/juice and crackers; it is about relationship. Communion or commune = arrange, appoint, publish, to talk, to be in company with, converse, association together, partnership, fellowship, companion, partaker, partner. When we get together with family and friends - Christ should be the Center of the gathering, period. Remember "Where two or more are gathered, in My Name, I will be in the midst".
  We are to steer clear of the love for the world. It is impossible to serve Two Masters. Idols separates us from the Only, True, and Living God. Saint Nic [Rev.2:6] may have a place under the First Amendment - but not with me.The same goes for the Bunny, and Star worship. The issues started with Lucifer in the first Heaven age. It continued into the Garden. Its what got Cain separated from the Lord. Idol worship continue on today with Cain's Seed: Non-Believers demonstrating Idol worship, or making merchandise of Believers.
  Christ Jesus, Immanuel, was conceived at the end of December, and born at the end of September. Believers were never Commanded to celebrate the birth. We are always to remember His Death, and teach our children that the Cross of Christ re-joined God and man, with the "death sentence"being paid in full.Our part is to maintain the relationship, and Not allow anything, or anyone to come between us and the Lord.

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