Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Unclean Animals.

  The Word is clear on what is clean and OK to eat, and what is unclean and not meant for good health. These are health laws from Leviticus. If one desires to feel good and live a peaceful,prosperous life, we should be careful.
  Every animal and human that Elohim created has the same report - "it is good". Included in this is natures garbage men; which are designed to keep the earth clean. That is their purpose and they do a good job. Their bodies can handle, what our bodies can not, so we should not indirectly eat the garbage which is contained in the little garbage men, aka scavengers.
  There are a group of people that believes at a certain time, they will "fly away"; this is funny because they believe that there entire body will be gone from this world, not even leaving a shadow behind. Christ Jesus said when they say the Christ is in the desert, or mountain top, don't go; this is a Commandment. So, when the Beast of Rev.13 shows in Jerusalem on the 6th Trump under the "Star of Saturn" flag, calling for a revival, we are not to move. When Christ cracks the sky the entire world will see it at one time.
  People in the flesh, can not fly; what will happen to all of those bodies of the people that were "harvested out of season"? Christ said "Where the bodies are, that is where the vultures will gather" [Mat.24:28]. I realize that this is a morbid subject but hopefully it, will save at least one soul. When the True Christ returns mess will be vaporized - no more unclean, anything.

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