Monday, January 21, 2013

Peace, or a Sword?

  Followers of the Word, are to pursue peace with all men. The world system has deceived people in believing that they are empowered, and can do whatsoever they please. Peace begins inside our mind, then is manifested on the outside. A large part of peace, is faith, and trust - in the Lord Christ Jesus; which surpasses the worlds understanding.
  The sword is a destroying weapon. It can actually be a sword, gun, or tongue, the ends with the same results. Sometimes, but Not very often, war is justified. The majority of the time war is about greed - the kind of greed that can Not be satisfied. At any rate we must not blame the weapon, but the heart [mind] of man. It is what comes from the core of the mind that defiles us as individuals, and collectively as a nation.
  I recently heard a report that more people died from violence in Chicago in 2012, than died in combat. Both are a waste; but in Chicago we can see Judgement on the land. When people reject the Lord, His peace moves with Him. There is more-as in Ezekiel chapter 8=Abominations. Chapter 9=Judgement.
  Matt. 10:34 "Think not that I Am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword." Christ has said that if one do Not put Him first in their lives, a sword would be brought to bear. The foundation is Christ, then family; Neither a family, or a nation can stand while idols are involved.
  In John 14:27 Christ states: "Peace I leave with you." Ephes. 6 informs us Who we are at war against; let us continue to stay close to Christ, and be good watchmen on the wall. Invoke peace, speak peace, and bless others/situations with peace. Additional reading; 1Kings 4:24-National peace.
1Sam. 7:14-International peace. Luke 8:48-Individual peace. Rom.5:1-Spiritual peace. Isaiah 59:8-the wicked. Isaiah 48:22-the wicked.    The choice is ours.

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