Monday, January 28, 2013

Sight or Vision.

  Sight is important. It along with the other four senses, assist in the physical world. Vision is what the mind sees. My choice between Sight, or Vision, I would choose Vision.  Many with Sight, are totally unable to process what they see, or hear. It is often connected to a lack of discernment, or denial. Over time our five senses have become disconnected from Vision.
  Our Vision should be connected to Faith and that is the Vine that keeps us connected to the Tree of Life. Without Faith, it is impossible to please the Lord[Heb.11:6]. Our Vision allows us to hear parables-turn on our Spiritual headlights, and understand. It separates the world's mess from the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Prophets of old, and Jesus followers were not afraid or ashame to ask; "What meanest....?
  Elisha the Prophet [2Kings 6:14-17] had a great army come for him, and his servant was concerned; Elisha prayed that his servant's "eyes would be open that he may see." Christ Jesus used spit and mud to restore the sight of a blind man. In John 8:43 Christ was dealing with "Tares", and ask them "Why do you not understand My speech", which is a part of Is.6:9,10. His advice concerning "Blind leaders of the Blind, do not follow them"; a ditch awaits them.
  Saul was successful - at the wrong thing; until he met Christ and was turned around and pointed in the Right direction. He was healed and had scales [Acts9:18] fall from his eyes. Afterwards he was left with poor Sight, but perfect Vision. And so is the world right now concerning where we are. Even in America, a Christian Nation, people are not understanding mentally; no perception, no discernment.
  Some things in life, our Lord never intended to go together; Light and darkness. A spring yielding salt and fresh water[James3:12,12]. Some counterfeits are so close, that we must resort to looking at the fruit that it bares. We must stop looking at the outer appearance an look at the core of one's mind. Let us move around less offensive titles and names and discern Vision; not a copy that only appeals to the Sight.


  1. People world-wide, should take a moment and look for two definitions: Capitalism, and Fascism. Look at the fruit that leaders around the world are producing. The Antichrist System is upon us. Most have been empowered by the System, and deceived into producing, because of freedom.Fascism[Dictatorships] employ control thru regulation.Also in America the deck has been stacked for the Executive Branch - all of the control of the money and regulations fall under this position=a Dictator, but with a less offensive title.

  2. The Internal Revenue Service[I.R.S.] sounds non threatning; what if it was called accurately what it is - International Redistribution System. People would be offended and would not produce.