Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Situational Awareness.

  "Adam, where are you" was a Situational Awareness request made by the Lord, in the Garden. Along the path, the Lord has ask this same question to other Prophets, and Kings. As followers of Christ, we must maintain our connection via the True Vine, to our Power source. We are living in the age of info - but must check out the information. There are mile markers along the interstate, for a good reason.
  The one world political system spoken of in Rev.13, will happen; actually, we are almost there. We were admonished to be careful about deception. Most can Not figure out deception when it is on-going. We often must look backwards to find its beginning. It usually involves power, or money. Governments begin to decline, the moment they begin to debase the currency. Eve fell for the lust for power, as many today fall for the same thing.
  There are some in America that are in a state of shock, and attempting to understand how America lost its way. The answer is that our Founders established a Constitutional Republic, which was based on of Christian Principles. They knew that the moment We the People rejected the Glue that was holding the Republic together - we would move into a Dictatorship. Don't look at Obama, look at Wilson. Look at the Supreme Court Justices that He appointed, the Federal Reserves, and the I.R.S. all in 1912.
  Situational Awareness has a long definition. Mine is; where am I, and what is going on around my immediate area. My Power Source is Christ Jesus and His Spirit. I daily acknowledge His existence and that I need Him and His information. Knowledge is everywhere now; most of it I simply do not have time to sort if it is good or bad. Daniel 12:4 mentions knowledge; and running to and fro. = these are Apostates, meaning they have fallen away from the Truth.
  In order that we right the ships, around the world, we must begin, from where we are. Even if standing in the center of a septic tank, waist deep in mess, we must acknowledge where we are. Re-connect or stay connected to the True Vine. Christ spoke everything into existence and knows us better than we know ourselves. Let us not fuss when we are pruned because that is a part of His process. Remain Faithful. Know where you are in the Lord-He will ensure that you know, where and why.

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