Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Branch.

  A Constitutional Republic is set up to reflect the Kingdom of Heaven, collectively, on earth. It is to have Three Branches, with approximately 95% of the power and authority granted to - Congress. As individuals the Congress is not perfect, but intended to be sensitive to the Word. Anything to do with finance, raising taxes, coining money, and declaring war, was Congress responsibility[Article1,Section8]. Article 1, Section 1, states "All Legislative Powers" belongs to Congress, which consist of a Senate and Congress. How much was that? All.
  Recently, more people are becoming frustrated and claim that America is heading in the wrong direction. My response is; when did that happen? Why are you just awakening to the wrong direction fact? A Rothschild stated "Give me control of a nation's money, and I care not who writes it's laws." The control over our money was lost in 1913 to the descendants of Rothschild - aka Fig Trees. The same year, the Court ruled that the 16th. Amendment was constitutional, which legalized the I.R.S.[International Redistribution System].
  A Constitutional Republic has Three Branches for good reason. To prevent power from corrupting the leaders. Christ Jesus is the Glue that would hold the Republic together. It worked until the leaders became EMPOWERED by the Fig Tree, and rejected the Lord, exactly the same way that it was done in 1Sam.8:5-20. 1Sam.12:17 The Prophet said the leaders request was wicked. And so has what has happen with our leaders over the past 100 yrs.
  A Constitutional Republic is Righteous with Christ. Minus Christ it is a Dictatorship. The American wealth is being redirected to those un-deserving, around the world. It finances illegal wars, and spawns other Dictatorships. Three Branches were required-now there is one Branch. All of the power granted to Congress, now is under one. Everything from 1913 until now, has been Deception. The people must be made to believe that they have a voice, and a vote. The people must keep producing, and keep the debt based system going. Keep financing the One World System.
  The one Branch represents the Fig Tree. The world, just as Adam and Eve, will cover themselves with Fig Leaves; it will fail. Christ cursed the Fig Tree that was un-productive.The judgement is the same for those who follows them[Jn.15:1-6]. Eventually the one Branch[Dictators] will face The Branch[Christ Jesus] and it will not be a pretty sight to behold.

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