Thursday, January 10, 2013

"The Whole World".

  The statement comes from Rev.13:3: and a l l the world wondered after the beast. In the past, I would read this Scripture, and chew on it a while, awaiting information that would change the a l l to a lesser number; it remains a l l. The world mentioned in Rev.13:3 is soil, region, the solid part, or the whole of the terrene, globe,earth, ground. The word wondered = to admire, marvel.
   The 1st beast of Rev.13 is a Global Political System, which is to set the table for their king, which is Satan incarnate. Satan will be armed with a little authority and a fast clicking clock in His pocket-He has 5 months to test the world. The "peace" sermon will not be necessary at this point because of the One World System. So what is the amazement?
  The Lord Christ Jesus commanded us to be careful of deception. Everything about Satan, is counterfeit, except murder, and lying. He must convince and play the roll of Christ-so murder is out. Satan will be amazing to The Whole World [!Thes.2:9] because of power, and signs, and lying wonders. He will pro-form some wimpy miracles that are regional specific, that requires the deceived ones to travel to where He is. Christ Jesus Commanded us not to go, but The Whole World will be moved.
  It is not by chance that Jerusalem is a Holy location for Three Religious groups. Another wonderment will be that Satan will be everything - to all Religions - at one time. Who can pass this test?
  The World is divided; Christ Jesus taught the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth. Apostle Paul [Rom12:2] teaches that the Kingdom of Heaven is in between our ears. People that are Not taught 6-6-6 that consider themselves Holy, are easy pickings for the Enemy. Satan appears on the 6th. Trump; again those that are not taught that Satan comes first, will fall into The Whole World category. The #6 represents Deception, or the # for Man. The "wide gate leads to destruction". Do not follow the crowd.

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