Monday, February 11, 2013

1 Samuel 8:4-20

  It was the leaders who requested their own king. This was an insult and a rejection of the Lord. The consequences are steep, yet our leaders now are willing to make the people pay it; for being un-informed. If Christ is not in it, it is a Dictatorship. Under such a System, the military is no longer used for "common defense", but now for personal use to expand the System. It also control the currency, and impose double-tax. His Branches are Appointment; IE Secretaries - Treasury, E.P.A., I.R.S. H.H.S. etc.
  The leaders[establishment] today are continuing the traditions of men in requesting their own king. The deception is that they are hypercits [play actors], and convince the people that they are Conservative, yet their choices are rotten and they refuse to tell the truth concerning the rotten System. These leaders prefer someone with a _ besides their name Vs. a _; They are all a party to the scheme, because the two choices are actually No choice. They must make the people believe that they have a voice, and a vote to keep the lie going.
  If one listens to the miss-leaders long enough, eventually they will slip and use the word Democracy, and give themselves away. There is no such thing as Democracy in the U.S.Constitution. Also in desperation they will use Judeo-Christian, which is diametrically opposite each other; an oxymoron. This is mixing two Faiths that are not connected, and never have been. These are but two of many slip-ups, that are give aways, and the heart speaking. Those claiming to be Conservative should be required to explain what they mean by their position.
  Dictatorships, Fascism, Socialism, and Communism are Anti-Christ Systems. Our eyes do not see "the principalities, powers, the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places"[Ephes.6:12], but you can see the type of System that they operate within. 1 Samuel 12:17 the Prophet told the leaders that what they ask for was wicked. The Lord is rejected, then replaced by the State, witch is little "g".
  The Satan re-started His plan in the Garden. His children [Tares] have been around now for over 6,000 yrs. But now through the State, little "g" has many followers, that are willing to fight His battles for Him. These are the water boys that are "marked" with deception. They have been indoctrinated - if we are Not on their side, we are the enemy. Know the Truth = freedom. Claim to know the Truth, yet walk in darkness[0 love] = liar.

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  1. Communism has never lasted;Rev.13 the one world system will not either. The system is built on sand, and can not withstand the storms. Nim'rod the mighty hunter, against the Lord failed.Confusing the language brought down his Communist empire. The Lord hates idols, and idol worship.