Thursday, February 7, 2013

Financing the Beast.

  The Beast that is referred to here is from Rev.13; This is the first one, and it is a One World Political System. The father, king, and eventually, the Fake-Christ is the head of this wicked System. Wicked? Yes, that is the correct judgement. In 1st. Sam.8:4-19 is a request from the leaders. The Lord informs His Prophet Samuel, that the people have rejected the Lord. 1 Sam.12:17 = wickedness. In 1 Sam.8 there are consequences; a 'double tax' is one, which indicates, judgement.
  Also in 1Sam.8 we see cheap labor, and a confiscation of private property,  a transfer [redistribution] of wealth. The king will make personal appointments for his gain. Dictatorships are very expensive, so the contributors need to increase, and expand. It comes in the form of Usury, Fiat Currency, and self created Inflation. Companies and Corporations with a Global Agenda multiply. They believe in the "state" and leveling the playing field where all is equal; equally broke. Under a Dictatorship, private businesses are subjects of the "state", either through regulations, with the "state" sitting on their boards, or having control of their stocks[AIG,GMC].
  The Word states that unbalanced scales are an abomination before the Lord. We are not to be involved in Usury. And our currency in the Word, and the U.S.Constitution, is gold, and silver. Small interest over a long period[houses] turn into Usury. The same for credit cards, and now school loans. "Government approved" should be a warning.
  Rev.18:2 we have Christ telling us to come out of the Babylonian System. Christ said [Matt.24:19] "Woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days". This is impregnated in the mind with the Fake-Christ System, and working or financing it.
  No weapon formed against me[Is.54:17] leads me to believe that it is one weapon that I should be on watch for. Those following Christ must put on the whole armour-daily. Stop supporting the Global System, and investing in un-fertile soil. In Matt.24:3 the disciples ask Christ three [3] questions on the end of the age. Christ first response was; "Take heed that no man deceive you".

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  1. The Four hidden Dynasties, are not so hidden, if one knows where to look;They are political,economics,education,and religion. The AntiChrist Systom is upon us-its Children are in charge of all of these, which are little kings, or little kingdoms individually. It is a big sign because they are one now.This beast must be fed and it is the uninformed that is doing it.