Monday, February 4, 2013

Power Vs. Empowerment.

  The Lord gave dominion and Power to those that are obedient to Him. The man Adam and Eve lost dominion and Power the moment that they became greedy and disobedient. Satan beguiled them both, called the Lord a liar; Satan offered to Empower them - with what they already had. Cain was taught how to present his offering, but disobeyed. He at temped to control his half-brother;when the control failed, he went to plan B = murder.
  The word Power in Matt.6:13: to be efficient, mighty, powerful or capable, strong, can do, miraculous. Luke 10:19 : Ability, privilege, freedom, superhuman, delegated influence. Apostle Paul also uses the word Power which is from dynamite. When Satan told Eve Scripture, he left out the word - freely. "you shalt not surely die"- he called God a lie. "your eyes will be opened" = it meant just the opposite. "ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil" = being intimate with Elohim, and Satan, will not make us gods.
  Satan has the authority to Empower. He was there in the Garden to test; the same with Christ after He had fasted, then tempted of the Devil. He [Matt.4:1-10] said to Christ concerning kingdoms of the world; "All of these things will I give thee." Christ did not accept the Devil's offer, but many others have - including many churches. The Devil/Satan Empowers his followers. His bag of tricks is limited but effective, and continues to work after 6,000 yrs.
  Not only the churches that have been Empowered, but the government, and colleges as well. New Age bibles that are copyrighted and printed/published by Non-Believers, point people to Satan. College student are taught by socialist/communist professors, that point to the government as god. Liberal Arts is to assist one in becoming a "free thinker" is actually the doctrine of Satan; it is  the opposite - just as in the Garden.
  Some of our youth's Empowerment mindset come out of our homes. Our youngsters feel untitled. We did it to them, because we wanted them to be better off than we were. Our children need to see the explosive Power that can only come through Christ Jesus. Everything else is a copy, weak, and eventually will be headed South. The only shortcuts in this life, is through [Phil.4:4] Christ. He looks and knows the mind and can move one to the head of the line.


  1. Satan's kids are showing up all over the place now. This is the "generation of the fig tree" and we are to look at the "fruit". Many churches fly the fig tree flags in their pulpits,although I'm not sure why. We should all be careful;Do not accept anything from anybody; take heed, deception is all around. The Four Hidden Dynasties are not hidden at all. Political, Economics, Education, and Religion;look at who heads them all up, right now.

  2. Satan's Empowerment cost the individual love, and worship = this is too steep a price to pay. Thos Empowered are in bondage, and do not know it.