Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tower of Babel, 2013

  Communism has never worked. History shows dictators and little kingdoms rising and falling. The main reason that they never succeed is; they are opposed to our Creator. Sin is common, beginning with idol worship. We see in Gen.10 that Nimrod was the founder of the Tower and the great city in the land of Shi'nar. He was a mighty hunter[of men] before the Lord. Of one language/speech, they "all" worked together to make a symbol of power and rebellion.
  Dan.2 shows how kingdoms are built top heavy, and what a week or fragile foundation looks like. The Lord simply confused their language, and shut the entire system down. In Gen. we see that the "Tree of knowledge" of good and evil, first spoke of "equality" in the Garden. Satan was to make them equal to God. In 2013 who is preaching the sermon of equality? Who are the "horns" that are as rebellious today as Cain was, or his father Satan?
  The kingdom represented by the "horns" is a Gentile Nation. The "horns"are symbolic, and a figure of speech, just as parables are. Christ Jesus was the Master of this tactic; speaking only to those that it was given to understand. Not offending those that He was talking about, until it was necessary. Horns is first used in the Word in Gen.22:13. In Daniel, horns represent power. Horns are mention in Zechariah 1:18-21= protecting, root, to push or gore, a peak, a ray[light], power, hill.
  The Lord states that the horns were used to scatter Israel and Judah; that is all 12 Tribes of the House of Jacob/Israel. The horns are Gentiles. The difference; A Gentile is NOT of the House of Jacob whose name was changed to Israel. Christians are grafted into the House through Christ Jesus.
  The horns are being employed for demonic objectives. They are little kings/kingdoms, or dynasties that are in charge of politics, economics, education, and religion. A line can be drawn from a great ancient empire of Nimrod - straight to the U.N. in N.Y.

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