Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Woe unto Scribes, Pharisees, and Lawyers."

  The woes were for the group of miss-leaders at the time Christ walked the earth. The had different opinions, and claimed to follow the law of Moses, but did not. The Pharisees were more interested in religion, and less interested in politics; The Saducees were just the opposite. The had different beliefs concerning the after-life, and spiritual matters. They all agreed that Christ must be put to death.
  Christ stated that they were sitting in the seat of Moses[judgement], and they ignorant of the Law; they followed the "Traditions of men." After 70 A.D. all of these groups appeared to disperse; Judaism began. Judaism claim to follow the five[5] Books of Moses, but do not. Jew[s] is Not in those Books period. All should consider a search of the Saducees, Pharisees, Scribes, Priest, and Sanhedrin. Christ rebuked them numerous times for good reasons.
  Now in 2013 where are the Systems that the above groups operated under, today? In America, there is the American Bar Association[one of many]. They are located in Chicago, and D.C. They are behind the scenes debating and settling laws. They are deciding what is fair, and equal. Instead of following the Mosaic Law, they establish precedence; there line in the sand, only goes back to 1938.
  American Presidents, who were lawyers: The first 10,7 were layers. The second 10, 6 were lawyers. The third 10, 7 were lawyers. the fourth 10, 3 were lawyers, with F.D.R. serving 4 terms[=6], The fifth group has W.J.C. = 2 term, and B.H.O. = 2 term. I can not count the lawyers that are in Congress, there are too many. The point? They take an Oath to protect the U.S.Constitution, but, there are some other oaths involved.
  When Christ Jesus walked the earth as Immanuel, Israel was under the control of the Roman Empire, who appointed leaders under themselves. The Scribes, Pharisees, and Lawyers were appointed by Rome to keep control of the people. This is exactly where We the People are in 2013. Our leaders are not in charge, and we are made to feel that we have a voice, and a vote;  actually, we don't. Christ Jesus is the Answer, the only Hope, the only Choice.

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  1. The U.S.Constitution, states that ALL power is granted to the Congress, to make laws. How can a thousand page[healthcare] bill become law without being read? Who wrote it? The language says lawyers did.They have been working on these types of control/power plays for 100 yrs.. The wickeness spreads Globally. Search, and read mission statements.