Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Your History".

  February is known as History month. It was founded in 1933[?] by Dr. Carter G.Woodson, and lasted for one week. February was chosen for two reasons; one was in honor of Pres. Lincoln, and Frederick Douglass birth months. One of Woodson's most famous books "The Mis-Education of the Negro", is often used by me for knowledge. The book is quite relevant today, for all ethnicities. In my opinion, once people realized that any history, that takes place in America, is American History. As the history became main stream, the very ones that Woodson complains about have now taken over the history-and re-writing it.
  The "establishment" seems to lift up the history of the Socialist [W.E.B.Du Boise] or Anti-Americans, and down plays Harriet Tubman, Douglass, Booker T. Washington, and many others that were Christian,Conservative, and Wise. Education was in the form of Wisdom, replacing ignorance; and learning to work with one's hands. Taking ownership. These Three were born into slavery and know first hand how the mind is incarcerated, and must be delivered.
  The oldest and most detailed History is found in the Word of God. The Ethnicity that is most mentioned in the Word, are lost. They do not [for the most part] know who they are; but God has Not lost anyone. Throughout Genesis to Malachi, God is saying; "Write, Remember, Repeat, Say, and teach." History [His Story] and our relationship is very important. I don't know who started the phrase-don't remember your past, are doomed to repeat it. That is one reason. Another reason is for identity sake. Thirdly is it minimizes deception. If we do not know Who, and Who's we are, we can be told by the Thief or the Thief's children and we will fall for it.
  Just who is the real "dirt squad"? Gen.1:26 mankind "created"[], hunter gatherers, having dominion, and "it was good". Gen.2:7 the man Adam was formed [] from the dust, and the previous vs. states that Elohim was making a farmer. His diet was different[clean animals]. God stated to Noah, as long as the earth remain, there would be seed, time, and harvest. A "search" around the world in a couple of minutes will reveal exactly what ethnicity has the green thumb.
  When the man Adam got into trouble, God curse the ground, but shortly afterwards, remove that curse. The key is "in the sweat of thy face"; is this racist? No; It is the truth. Christ Jesus came through this line to legally enter time. He mixed spittle and dirt to heal the blind man-He is quite familiar with dirt.In Dan.2 we see the kingdom of iron, mixed with clay, which is fragile.It will collapse into a One World System. I'm banking on the real dirt squad awakening soon. Learn Your History.

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  1. The 4 hidden dynasties - political,education,economics,religion. The mis-education is in the schools, and churches. Many are using new-age bibles, printed by Non-Believers; or their leaders will not touch Part One of the Bible, which is the Foundation. This deception will lead many to worship the Fake-Christ.