Thursday, March 21, 2013

Anti - Deception.

  I desire to be perfectly clear; I am Pro-Christ. I believe that the Truth will make us free, and it does the separating. If one has a problem with the Word of the Lord, they should take it up with Him. Lord forgive me if I miss-represent, or "add, or take away" from the Truth [Rev.22:18,19]. The best anti-deception is the Truth. Shine the Spiritual flashlight on it. My intention is to Not step on any toes, but lift up the Truth.
  Christ Jesus-God in the flesh, spent little time in their Synagogue[Matt.12:9, Matt.13:54] for several reasons. The lost souls were outside. His objective was to free the mind of bondage. I can not ever remember Christ teaching that all had a right to houses or health insurance. Or what was fair between Himself and Satan. Judas thought the deliverance was physically, from Rome; but Christ knew concerning the Exodus from Egypt, that in order to be truly free, the mind must be delivered. After 40 yrs. many were still in bondage.
  The Creator dwelt with man, living in a TENT. During Jeremiah's time the temple was destroyed, later[70yrs] was rebuilt by Nehemiah and Ezra. A very nice temple was designed by David and built by Solomon-which was destroyed. The temple of Christ time was called Herod's Temple. By this time, the decedents of Aaron were becoming scarce. When Christ died on the Cross,[sixth hour], in broad daylight, in the middle of the day-it went dark, and the veil of the temple was rent in the midst [Luke 23:44,45], that temple system, is OVER.
  Christ told Peter that upon his revelation from the Holy Spirit, He would build His Church; some did not get the memo. His sermons; Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand-and indeed it was. Rom.12:2 gives us direction. The temple is a Holy place, to be inhabited by a Holy God. The true Church is those that believe on Christ being Who He says that He is; and following Him.
1Cor.3:16,117 - We are the Temple.
  The Priesthood had become polluted during Ezra/Nehemiah's time, and totally gone by the time of Christ ministry.The people in charge[Non-Believers], were appointed by Non-Believers. Christ went there to intentionally get a response-for you and I. He knew what was transpiring there then, and now[Rev.2:9, 3:9] and where they are located.

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