Sunday, March 17, 2013

Follow the Money.

  In the Word, is gold and silver as the main currency. In the U.S.Constitution, gold and silver as currency. America made a serious left turn in 1913 when it monopolizes the currency - to a private organization. Whenever something comes into existence, we should immediately ask the question; whom will this benefit? When it became illegal in 1933 to own what the Word, and the Constitution authorizes, we should follow the money.
  When one looks at the very top of a dollar bill, it identifies the owner. This group practices a "fractional reserve banking system"; create from nothing, then charge interest on the entire amount. They also took control of the gold, that was confiscated[stolen] from the people. The paper value that was issued was then arbitrary.
  I remember when the paper was a silver certificate - redeem upon request. I remember owning many everyday coins that were the majority silver. The system slowly changed over time. The system, by the was by design made to appear very complicated: so complicated that they can't explain it, and We the People should not understand.
  A house financed at 5% is reasonable for 5-10 yrs. It becomes usury after that. The same for credit cards, which hit hard and fast with the interest - it quickly turns into usury. The system gets complicated, which is designed that way. Anytime the govt. endorses anything, we must look in the shadows for the benefactors, and it is the beginning of a balloon.
  Follow the real American currency, one must go backwards to 1933. That currency is being used to prop up the paper stuff aka dollar bill. Every time gold moves up, the dollar moves down-so gold is released into the system, which keeps the gold prices suppressed. Gold is scarce, but the money changers make it appear plentiful, and keep the dollar afloat. Schemes, and scams are connected to DEBT = which our Creator says is evil.


  1. I'm not sure wich one of the two[bonds, or dollar]be the next bubble to collapse. Many large countries around the world, are buying large amounts of gold. The bankstas are manipulating the silver,gold, and the dollar.The FDIC will possibly pay 1.5% per dollar, after the collapse;this is really penneies on the dollar.People should quickly look at all of their debt based holdings.

  2. Follow the Money! Hard currency, is real. Paper money without backing is worthless,funnymoney.What is known as the dollar is a federal reserve note = an iou. It is faith/credit in the U.S,which is also sinking very fast.Higher prices are a symptom of inflation;which is intentional.Inflation is a hidden[stupid]tax.