Saturday, March 23, 2013

In the way.

  The title is taken from Matt.21:19, it demonstrates how Christ desires us to deal with issues that are in between us and our assignment. It also shows that everything has an expiration date. This Scripture mentions a "fig tree" which is highly appropriate, because of the time we are now living in.
  The man Adam and wife Eve messed up royally. The moment that they were disobedient, the Glory of the Lord which covered them, left. Realizing their nakedness, went and made aprons of "fig leaves". Today the fig leaves would be designer clothes, a Bentley, or mansion-it represents a worldly covering. Jeremiah 24:1-5 deals with Two Houses, or groups of people. Bad fruit - Bad tree.
  Cain's father was the Satan. The Lord showed Cain the proper way to be accepted-but he refuse out of rebellion, and eventually murdered his half brother Abel. Gen.4:1 "Now art thou cursed". The Creator of heaven and earth attempted to save Cain, and would also like to save some of Cain's children, even during the Melina reign of Christ, He will continue to try.
  Christ dealt with Cain's children[Kenites] quite often during His earthly ministry. He actually took the gospel right into their camp/temple. In the Gospel of John 8 He identify them for us. Also in the parable of the "Wheat and the Tares" they are identified, and we are to leave them alone.
  The "fig tree generation" is upon us. Matt.24:32 is a Commandment from Christ, to learn. When we look at the four kings; political,economics, education, and religion, - then look at who is controlling those? Hopefully a picture is forming. We have been given authority to handle serpents,scorpions,and toxic lies, without harm. God cursed Cain, and renewed the curse concerning a fig tree that refuse to bare good fruit. Those that refuse will be up-rooted and tossed in the fire.
Life has speed bumps, some you go around, some you go right through just as Christ did-It was in the Way.

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