Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Jacob"s Trouble".

  I watched most of the History channel, "The Bible", and would give it a grade of "F". This grade, because I can not grade lower. This is yet another "New Age" movie, that lines up with the "New Age Bibles", that are being produced by Non-Believers. When asked if I would watch the movie, I explain what the content, and context would be before the movie was shown-I was correct;the movie is wrong.
  Jacobs Trouble is from Jeremiah 30:7, King James Bible. Jacob is the father of the 12 Tribes known as the House of Israel. He was a descendant of the man Adam from the Garden. Noah, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, whose name was changed by God to Israel. His sons are listed in Genesis 49, or 1Chron.2, among several other places in the King James Bible.
  In life or death situations, we should be careful whom we listen to. Psalms 50:16 covers that. If the wicked are classed as wicked, why would the Creator of the Universe use them to declare His Word? He would not. The Line of Christ is clear and important, for we are living right now in the beginnings, of Jacob's Trouble. Those not knowing the Truth will be drawn to the Fake-Christ.
  Jacob's Trouble = war against the saints; Rev.13:7, and Dan.7:21- it is ongoing right now. Many weak leaders refuse to call sin, sin. They do not recognize out of control areas as Judgement. All they can say about the weather is global warming-these are symptoms and signs;"labor pains. The Trouble is a testing for me,right now. Dictators, leaders endorsing tax paid abortions, same sex marriage in the churches,etc.
  Trouble for the House of Jacob involves ALL of the Tribes. Not one, or two, or 10, but all. Anything else is deception. Four Horns are political,economics,education,and religion. The economics is financing the Miss-Education from the others. The 1st. beast is a One World Political System. The 2nd. Beast will be the Fake-Christ in the flesh as Religious Leader. The History chan. via deception, is pushing towards the Fake-Christ.

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