Sunday, March 10, 2013

Man, Made, Mess.

  In America, we have the Word, the U.S.Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. A Republic must have a moral compass that is set by Our Creator. And it works, until man starts stirring the pot. Our Forefathers knew that America as designed, would withstand the best that a foreign enemy could dish out; but a domestic enemy must be dealt with by the People.
  Anything of great value, should not be entrusted to others for protection. Some things in life can Not be delegated to others. Do not expect the enemy to do our job. The domestic enemies of America will not "Protect and Defend" what is righteous.
  Hirelings are for the money or power; they cannot be satisfied. They are constantly on the move, or attempting to move things. Christ Jesus referred to Himself as the Good Shepherd, who was willing[and did] to give His life for the flock. The Word teaches us how to choose leaders by applying Wisdom. When we attempt to "chose our own leaders", we reject the Lord in the process.
  We will never see a mule win the Kentucky Derby. The results of some things are predictable. The brakes were applied to our Republic Form of Govt. by attacking the Congress, approximately 100 yrs. ago. They slowly became constipated by allowing "hybrids" into the ranks; these are of the same type of Gen.6, which has been repeated several times. Satan, simply pollutes the line.
  The people must repent. Then let the "hirelings" off the hook. Where to from here? Pray and be obedient to the Word and Will of our Lord. Get completely into the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. STOP praying for the wicked to do what is right; that is casting pearls.... In the Gospel of John 17, Christ made it clear that He was Not praying for the world-and neither should we. Our prayers have been holding up a wicked System, that needs to collapse. Remember Lot's wife.

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