Monday, March 4, 2013

"The Good News".

  When Abram was in the process of sacrificing his son, Issac, God provided a ram in the bush. God had taught the man Adam how to make sacrifices. The correct method was passed down to Noah and his sons, down to Mosses. The students of Part One of the Holy Bible will understand, and also know that this was a prelude of the promised Perfect Sacrifice.
  The Word states that there can be No remission of sin, without the shedding of blood. Blood is life. If the process is done correctly, it is acceptable to the Lord; incorrectly [Cain], an it will be rejected. When Apostle Paul speaks of us no longer being under the Law, He is speaking of the Law of Death. Christ Jesus the Perfect Sacrifice, paid that sentence in ful. All other blood ordanences were nailed to the Cross, with Christ.
  Most that practice religion from New Age Bibles can not touch the subject of the Law because it will create questions. Rather than freedom from the Truth, they keep their followers in the dark, and actually following "Another Christ".
  Before Christ spoke the sun and the moon into existance, He had a plan of redemption for man. Our flesh has an expiration date on it, that we should acknowedge-but not fear. Those that have Hope, should not fear the un-seen. Those that are without Hope, should be afraid.Christ on the Cross kicked Death's [Satan] glutamus maximus; He took the sting/pain/fear of death away. Christ did well by man, and completed all of the Prophecies spoken of concerning Himself.
  The Good News - The Gospel = Christ has Risen, Matt.28:6.  He has Risen, Mark 16:6.  He has Risen, Luke 24:6.  John 20:9. I thank God for taking my Death sentence on Himself; I also thank God for Rising after the Passover. He is our Passover - once, for all time. Thank You Lord.

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