Friday, March 15, 2013

"The Standard".

  The Standard, is Christ Jesus. Which One? Because in this earth age, there have been at least Two; Then there have been many others that have attempted to fill the role - including governments, dictators, and individuals. With that, it is important to clearly explain which One.
  The Christ Jesus that I'm speaking of is; the One Who spoke the world into existence [John1], including mankind. The Tree of Life in the Garden. Melchizedek Who met with Abraham several times. YHVH from the burning bush, that met with Mosses. The Fourth Man in the fire with the three Hebrews, Shadrach, Meshack, and A bed-nego. We know Him in Part Two of the Bible as Immanuel = God in the flesh. The One Who bore our Death Sentence, on the Cross-and got up after three days, with all power in His hands.
  I attended a funeral yesterday, in central Ga., where the Bishop announced that the world had been turned up-side down; another speaker threw a rock at the Republicans. To me, this is Peter walking on water, then loosing sight of the Lord. The second one had crossed into idol worship. As a whole, the leaders have gone astray, and the congregation has become tone deaf against foolishness.
  I will not plead guilty to being anti-everything, just Pro-Christ. I am guilty of being Pro-Christ. Numbers 1:52 a Standard = a flag, banner, to be conspicuous. Is.49:22 = a flag, a sail, a signal, a sign.
Is. 59:19 = "Shall lift up a Standard"... All of the Scriptures speak of Christ Jesus - when measuring fake gods, and political parties combined, they all fall short.

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