Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Worst kind of Trouble ?

  Our Creator has given us do, and don't do, for our benefit. The Rules are passed down in the Owner's Manual to keep us in a Right-Standing relationship with our Creator; it also allows us to see a glimpse of the mistakes and consequences of our fore-fathers down through the years. Every time there was disobedience, it always, always cost.
  The world has fallen for the same sermon that Satan preached in the Garden. Disobedience, Greed, and Equality. Then Idol worship down through the years; and the Rejection of the Lord. The cycles lead to bondage, then the People crying out for deliverance. For some reason, mankind is very near-sided, and flesh is quite comfortable in the world.
  The world has Satan as king; ignorance is not an excuse for not knowing this. People in 2013, continue down the "wide path" of demanding to "pick our leaders". Then we complain about the lousy choices. The entire System is rigged and smells. Yet we continue praying, and hoping that the Lord will make our bad choices[manure] into green pasture.
  The world has some serious choices to make. Christ Jesus said that we have Not, because we ask amiss. We are asking for selfish things, or something that doesn't line up with the Word. The game is getting late, and we would do well to get under the umbrella of protection, which is the Word of God. His will is important, and Will be done.
  I often think of Lot's wife, in an effort  to not make the same mistakes. She had one foot in the world, and one foot in the spoken Word. She became quite comfortable in both; but eventually, one will win, and the other lose. Christ stated that no man can serve Two Masters. He desires us to be hot or cold-not luke warm; luke warm can just as easily go hot as it can cold. We must commit-then not look back at the world. The Worst kind of Trouble? It is when we are slowly being cooked, and not realize it-until it is too late.

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