Friday, March 8, 2013

"War with the Saints".

  The title was taken from Daniel 7:21, and it is speaking of The Antichrist incarnate. During that time, the Wicked One will only have 5 months. The battles actually began in the Garden. There were many battles to get from the Garden to Christ on the Cross. Battles continue today against the Saints of the Most High.
  Daniel mentions horns, which are kings or kingdoms. I believe that the One world Economic System is in place. This is what will finance the One world Political System of Rev.13. The only opposition is the Saints. Christ told of a time when people would be offended, because of Him; that has happen in schools, and the majority of churches.
  Ephes.6 explains who We are at war against; the application of this is to declare anyone that goes against their wicked schemes, an enemy of the state. Those in America that protect the U.S.Constitution [ Spiritual Document] or Stand with the Word of the Lord,YHVH,  Jehovah, Christ Jesus, are to be classed as terrorist. This is happening in other places around the world-especially Europe, and North America; which includes Canada,Central and South America.
  The House of Israel is Not a place, but a People. Noah's line down to Abraham, His son, Isaac,to Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel. Israel fathered the 12 Tribes, with them being scattered around the world; just as Elohim promised. The "Chosen" keep Christ's Commandments, period. From the True Vine are many Branches, that are required to produce. Those that are Not born into the House can be "grafted" in -"In My Father's house, are many mansions".
  In the Gospel of John 17, we witness a very powerful prayer, by the Creator of the Universe. He prays for His sent one's[missionaries]; they are "sanctified through Thy truth". He also is Not asking [Jn.17:15] that they be taken out of the world, but kept from the Evil[one].
Judgement is on the land.  A separate time of trouble is under way for the Saints. Stand on the Truth.

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  1. "We have not because we ask, amiss. Christ in His prayer,doesn't pray for the world[Jn.17:9].Those Following Christ must stop this practice. Godspeed to the wicked,is a party to the crime and will share the punnishment.